Honoring the Past -Celebrating the Present-Planning for the Future


Dear Parishioners and Friends of Holy Spirit Catholic Community,

Our Catholic Community in Pocatello and Chubbuck for over 130 years has had the mission to keep the Catholic faith alive. 

Now is the time for us to continue our journey of faith. With this in mind, we have built the connector that makes the church and the parish hall more accessible. We have also created restrooms, a much-needed addition.  We have created three gathering spaces and remodeled the Pastoral Life Center, creating new offices for the priests and staff, a new reception area and a new heating and air conditioning system in all offices.

We continue in our plans to renew our campus here at St. Anthony’s. We will be replacing four classrooms, adding two restrooms and office space for our school. We will also be adding a Day Chapel at St. Anthony’s, which will hold approximately 50 people and have a reconciliation room. When more funds become available we will plan our new Ministry Center. We need you to embrace our capital campaign Honoring the Past, Celebrating the Present and Planning for the Future.

In this capital campaign 1000 families are invited to donate to make these plans a reality. Please review the enclosed materials and prayerfully consider supporting our project financially and in a sacrificially meaningful way. With your help we are confident that we will make these plans a reality.  I know it is an extraordinary request, but I know you always have supported your church.

 Thank you for your sincere consideration of our request.



Father Henry and Deacon Scott